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Dog Clothing sizes

The measurements below will help you choose the right clothes.

Hold the measuring tape loosely, so that you can get two fingers underneath:

  • Chest: Find the rib cage and wrap the tape around the widest part. 
  • Neck: Around the neck.
  • Length: from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Depending on the design of the garment, its length may vary from item to item within the same size, and therefore it should not be a strict measurement for selecting the item.

If your pet falls between two sizes, you might want to consider whether your pet is a puppy and still growing. If this is the case, going with the larger size will ensure your pet can wear the item a little longer as they grow.

Does the garment pull on over the head, like a t-shirt, or does it have buttons / a zipper? A garment that pulls on over the head will need to be looser or you may wind up with a shirt you can't get on. A garment that has buttons / a zipper will make it easier to get on and off your pet.

Pay attention to the fabric of the clothing. Some fabrics stretch (e.g. lycra, polyester blends) and some do not (e.g. satin). 

If you are in doubt, always go for the larger size, as it is easier to alter the clothes to a smaller size after.


 Size  Chest Neck Length
XXS 26 cm / 10" 19 cm / 7" 18 cm / 7"
XS 30 cm / 12" 21 cm / 8" 20 cm / 8"
S 36 cm / 14" 24 cm / 9" 25 cm / 10"
M 40 cm / 16" 27 cm / 11" 30 cm / 12"
L 45 cm / 18" 30 cm / 12" 35 cm / 14"
XL 50 cm / 20" 33 cm / 13" 40 cm / 16"
XXL 55 cm / 22" 37 cm / 15" 45 cm / 18"


If you have any questions, please email us and we will be happy to help you pick out the perfect size.