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The leash

My puppy is learning very fast. After 9 days she knows:

  • her name
  • come
  • sit
  • get the toy

I am currently teaching her how to accept the leash. She is getting better at it.

When I am putting the leash on, she starts fighting and tearing it apart.

I distract her by putting her treats next to my left foot.

She eats and makes steps forward, I continue walking, she follows.

As soon as she starts biting the leash again, I tell her "come" and place the treat next to the left foot again. The steps are repeated again and again.

The exercise requires a lot of food. Knowing that pugs are prone to obesity, I take the treats from the portion of her regular meal. So the treats and the meals do not exceed the daily norm.

I have also read that I need to re-enforce my "No!" with an impact (like a high pitch sound or a squirt of water in the back), as currently, she does not have any respect to No!

So I am going to the pet shop tomorrow and will try to find some solution there.

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