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No & Gooood Commands

I have taught my puppy two commands:

- No

- Goooooood

No - must be said with a sharp and short sound, higher in pitch, no smile used and with a pause after No. She must understand that No is No!

95 % of the time, she listens and obeys. When she doesn't, I stand up (arms on the side, face frowned) and say sharp No! If it does not work, I say No! and slightly pull her collar.

I sometimes add - No! Stop it!

I have tried using "Stop it", without No. But she does not understand "Stop it" as well as No! I am still trying.

Gooooooood is a reward word. Said in a soft tone, petting the dog and making her feel special. She did potty - GOOOOOOOOOD Girl! She did what I asked her to do - GOOOOD Zaya! Most of the time my GOOOOOD comes with a treat.

I am teaching her "Come" command. When Zaya comes as per the command, she gets a lavish GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and a treat.

As per the books, No & Good are the first commands which dog needs to understand. As her owner, I must not be afraid to tell her No! As this will be my way of protecting her from any danger in the future.

The commands must be consistent. The words must be clear. Otherwise, the dog will not be able to remember or understand the pattern.

It is fun and easy so far.

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