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Learning curves - 1 month with a pug

Learning 1

Pug does not know when to stop eating - I must control the weight of her meals.

Learning 2

Pug are not cats. They require a lot of time and patience during the potty training to finally make it right.

Learning 3

Having pug is expensive. Having pug in Dubai is even more expensive. 

Learning 4

Pet insurance does not exist in Dubai. 

Learning 5

I will never be able to cut the nails of a pug. I will have to use grooming services.

I thought that when it is the time to clip the nails, all nails should be clipped (similar to manicure for people). Yesterday I went to the vet for nail clipping, and only 3 nails were clipped. After all, it was a good idea to go to vet, as I have never done the clipping before and didn't know that unwillingly many people make a mistake by clipping the nails incorrectly and giving pain to pets, who will forever associate nail clipping with pain and resist the procedure in the future.

Learning 4

After seeing how a vet is cleaning the ears, I realised that I will never be able to clean the ears of a pug. I will have to use grooming services.

Interested to learn how they did it?

They poured the cleaning liquid in the ears, squeezed the ear canal from the outside, trying to bring the dirt from the inside of the surface.

Besides, the cleaning of the ears is only required when it is infected or there is bacteria. In normal conditions, it is enough to wipe visible excess of wax from the skin by a cotton ball soaked in the cleaning liquid. The logic is simple, the more you clean, the more wax will be produced, the more you have to clean... So to break this circle, cleaning should be gentle and not so frequent, unless, there is some health problems.


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