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First bath

I am proud of my dog. She handled her first bath very well. Honestly speaking, I expected barking, tears & bites.

How it went?

Firstly, I prepared the bath:

  • towel in the bathtub, to make surface anti-slippery
  • poured lukewarm water 2 cm in the bathtub (I decided i will not do this next time, as it was not required)
  • a basin with lukewarm water in the bathtub
  • a small plastic container (to be used as a pitcher)
  • shampoo
  • towels

bath for dog

shampoo for dog

I put small cotton balls in her ears. It stops water from going into ears, where bacteria can start growing because of the water. (The regular cotton balls sold in the super market are too big for puppies. I used 1/3 of the ball for each ear).

I placed Zaya in the bathtub. She immediately stood on her back paws, pressing her front paws on the edges of the bathroom. She took this position trying to escape, but it actually helped me give her the perfect first bath.

I poured water over her shoulders, massaged her body with the shampoo, rinsed the body with water, lifted her from the bathtub with the towels.  In 2 minutes she was out of the bathtub, happy and clean!


  • Dogs do not like water poured over their face, so do not try doing it. Clean face with cleaning tissues instead.
  • Water temperature should be lukewarm, not hot and not cold. Hot water will not go well with pugs, as they do not tolerate high temperatures.
  • I did not use shower or tap, in order not to scare the puppy during her first bath
  • I used shampoo which, if not rinsed properly, will not harm the puppy.
  • After the bath i switched off Air-conditioning, so that Zaya does not feel extra cold.
  • I used hair-dryer on a low power. The airflow should never be direct at the dog, it may burn. I placed my palm in front of the dryer and the air was blowing at Zaya through my fingers.

Update after 6 months:

As my pug grew bigger, it became more difficult to bath her in an apartment bathtub. She could easily escape by jumping from the bathtub. I also had an incident, when she almost broke her paw while running on the wet (not well dried) paws. I also learnt quickly that the grooming services provide a lot more that can be achieved at home: 

  • They properly brush dead fur
  • They properly shampoo and condition her
  • They clean ears
  • They cut nails
  • They clean anal gland (a very important procedure to ensure that your pug does not stink)
All of the above made start using the professional groomer.

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